Sunday, April 3, 2011

What is ADO.NET

Hi friends,i would like to explain some basic concepts about ADO.NET for beginners
what is a Database
A Database of interrelated data is called as Database
Database are divided into 3 types

What is ADO..?

ADO means ActiveX Data Objects

ADO.NET is an object  library (collection of classes ) which is used to communicate with databases

ADO.NET helps to develop client server architecture

ADO.NET supports two types of connections
a)managed connection
b)Unmanaged connection

Unmanaged connections works over OLEDB provides (object linking and embedding databases)

OLEDB provides are pre-developed Dll files which are COM components

As COM is platform Dependant ,hence connections over OLEDB are called as UnManaged


managed connections works with help of tabular data stream

managed connections are faster.

Namespaces for ADO.NET programming

ADO.NET related namespaces are divided in to 5 groups

Common namespaces




UnManaged namespaces :

d) all databases)

Managed namespaces :

e)System.Data.SqlClient(for sqlserver)

f)System.Data.OracleClient(for Oracle)

ODBC namespace :

g)System.Data.ODBC(supports all Databases)

LINQ Related


That's it...
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